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exceptional parenting Podcast

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60: What to Do When Your Kid Tells You No

  #60: What to Do When Your Kid Tells You No   “No” It’s such a short word but when it comes flying out of our kid’s mouth, it can trigger a surge of rage, frustration, and so many other feelings.  Which is why so many moms reach out and ask “what should I...

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59: Encouraging Self Expression and Creativity Through Music

  #59: Encouraging Self Expression and Creativity Through Music Today on the podcast I have the amazing Jaycie Voorhees.  I am excited for you to tune in to the episode today!  A little bit about Jaycie:  Jaycie Voorhees, MT-BC is a mover and shaker in Salt Lake...

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58: Navigating Unnecessary Stress in Motherhood

  #58: Navigating Unnecessary Stress in Motherhood   It’s not uncommon for moms to talk about how to deal with their stress. Too often, the solutions that come up are all centered around things like;  Manicures, pedicures, retail therapy, or girls nights....

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57: Opening Up About Mom Anger and How to Work Through It

  #57: Opening Up About Mom Anger and How to Work Through It   So many of us start motherhood thinking we will be the perfect parent. We have an unrealistic view of what motherhood is supposed to be, so when we find ourselves getting angry, yelling, or...

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Mom Inspiration Cards to Help You Stay Positive in Tough Situations

About the Hostess
I’m Wendy Bertagnole, a lover of chocolate, lover of heavy-weights, a believer in wearing yoga clothes most every day, and a mother of three kids. I work with moms who are frustrated with their children’s behavior, helping them to understand the reason behind the behavior, address it directly and once again enjoy motherhood and their children. Not every child shows up 100% happy and willing to cooperate every moment of every day, which can be frustrating. I believe every behavior is a form of communication and I am here to help every mom understand what her child is communicating through their behavior.
Wendy Bertagnole
What Others Are Saying
“I love how you flow through your sessions- parents need to hear that validation that their child is different and it’s ok. I love the personal support you give to each question- real tools to solve real problems. I love the science you give to teach how to problem solve with your child. Many OT probably can’t address this the same way and it’s an essential part of how to learn and grow with your sensory child.”
“My kids are actually having fewer explosive emotions now that I’m giving them more respect as humans by giving them more power and being more empathic.. they’re sharing their emotions a LOT more, and even when my son (who tends to experience his emotions with his whole body!) does get upset, he is able to “reign it in” fairly quickly and tell me the problem calmly bec he seems confident I’m going to be on his side and together we’ll figure out a good solution that we’re both happy with.”